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Hawaiian Lifestyle

A blog about Aloha shirts and everything Hawaiian!

Learn the Language of Hawaii

Learn a few key phrases in the language of Hawaii before your next vacation!

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Hawaiian Fun Facts

Wanna impress with your knowledge of Hawaii? Look no further...

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Hawaiian Christmas Story

When traditional Christmas settings are mentioned, Hawaii might be the last place to come to mind. In the Aloha State, you won’t find thick blankets of snow (that is, unless you head to lofty summit of Mauna Kea on the Big Island) and you won’t experience Popsicle-like temperatures.

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eHow - How to Wear a Hawaiian Shirt

How to Wear a Hawaiian Shirt. Nothing says "incognito" like these multicolored tributes to Hawaii.

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Hawaiian shirts - the history, heritage and lore...

Did you ever wonder where great Hawaiian Aloha shirts originated?

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What is Aloha Friday?

Aloha Friday was the precursor to a worldwide phenomenon and is still a celebrated piece of Hawaiian culture today.

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