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Special Orders And Requests

Looking for something special?

We stock more than 14,000 shirts. We select the choices shown with great care. A number of factors go into our decisions as to what we offer. But there are still shirts that you might see elsewhere and wish we could provide for you. Whether it be from one of our manufacturer's websites or one of the many retailers with a brick and mortar or web presence. We would like to have the opportunity to supply that hard to find, just right item.

We want to be your "go to" destination site for any currently available shirt(s) from the brands we carry.

Special size? Special print? Special color? Special quantity? No problem.

If it is a currently available shirt(s), we will be happy to special order and bring it in with our regularly scheduled air shipments. No extra charge. And you still receive our great service and free standard U.S. shipping (international and express available at our usual rates).

What we need from you.

If you are in a retail location make a note of what the shirt is named if any. There is generally a stock number on the hang (price) tag. There will also be a color name or code. Some typical examples are shown below. If you are visiting one of our fine manufacturer's or  competitor's online websites, there will be some sort of identifier for the item. please write down all of the information you see as well as the site you are on. 

Then what?

Call us at 866-746-7256 (866-SHOPALOHA) or international at 805-772-2480.

Our business office is open 10-4 U.S. Pacific Standard time. You can also email us at info@alohashirtshop.com Ask for our special orders department. If you are emailing, in the subject line put special order request. One of our special orders staff will take all of your information and get back to you as soon as we can verify availability. We will then order it to be included with our next regularly scheduled inbound order and you should have it within 7-14 days of your initial request.

Typical FAQ:

Q: When will I be charged? A: As soon as we have received confirmation the item is available and of your intent to purchase.

Q: Can I return or exchange my item? A: Sorry, no. If we special order it, the item is non returnable. Make sure you really want it and sizing is correct.

Q: My friend just got one from you and I want one too. A: The Hawaiian shirt world is a very small industry. There is never very much of any of this made (typically between 300-1200 total pieces) before the print is discontinued to make room for the new products that release every month. Aloha Shirt Shop as well as our manufacturer's are in business to sell out each and every shirt that is produced. Sometimes that is a week, month, or 6 months. But once it is gone it is usually gone forever. Rarely are prints reissued. That is one of the values that comes with one of our fine shirts. Individuality.

Q: My friend got it on sale and I want that same price. A: If we special order an item it will be priced at the original full retail price. When we, or anyone puts something on sale, it is usually to clear out remaining pieces. Not so we can bring in more then discount it. So be prepared to pay retail.

Q: I saw a guy at the football game wearing a red shirt with boats on it. Can you get it? A: Unless you stopped this person and looked at the collar tag to at least get the maker, no. If you did get the name there is only a small chance that it is still available. If we at least know who makes it we will be happy to research it. And if we cannot get the exact shirt, chances are good we can make a suggestion of a similar shirt or design. We have some pretty vast resources, but we do need all the description assistance you can provide.

Q: I want this shirt to be a special color, print or have the artwork in a special placement. A: Only the originally issued colors (usually 3-4) and print are what will be available. Nobody is going to make a one off for a particular event or to match your eye color. Be reasonable in your request. We try very hard to make your special order become reality. But we can only work within the products that are made available to us. If you do need multiples over 48 pieces of a custom print (or embroidery which is a 24 piece minimum) please see our group sales page for more information.