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The Jams World Ladies Story

David Y. Rochlen is the Founder and Chairman of Jams World / Surf Line Hawaii, Ltd. The son of a Russian-born journalist, he has his roots in the ocean and was a lifeguard living in Santa Monica in the 1950's. He came to the market with credentials: ocean roots and a love for the sun and sea.


Trying to find comfortable surfing attire, Dave was inspired by a Life magazine article depicting their Russian people at the Black Sea resorts wearing their bathrobes and PJ's down to the beach. He bought some brightly printed fabric and asked his wife to make him a short pajama. With a few suggestions to modify them (no top, sewn up fly, and legs cut off at the knee), Jams® was born.

Soon all his surfing buddies wanted a pair of his Jams. He quit his job as a systems analyst and began Surf Line Hawaii, Ltd., with his first pair of commercial Jams® hitting the Makaha Beach in Hawaii in December 1964. Their appeal as a surfing lifestyle item landed Dave and a group of his surfing buddies a two-page spread in Life magazine in June 1965, the magazine that inspired this whole phenomena.

With roots starting in the ocean, Jams World®'s origin began as a surfboard shop called "Surf Line Hawaii", a small shop in Honolulu, Hawaii, located across the street from the famous "Ala Moana" Shopping Center.

They carried mostly surfboards from legends like Yater, Hobie, Bing, Lopez, and Aipa, to name a few. We could not find any clothing that we thought was fun, colorful, and unique so we began to create our own - the first being Jams®, long, colorful, and fun. Mike Doyle, then World Champion, wore the first pair at Makaha in the 60's, and then so did Butch Van Artsdalen, a talented surfer, lifeguard, and waterman. And the rest is history. Today Jams World® has grown up. We have come out of the surf, up the beach, across the boardwalk, and halfway to town. We now sell to accounts throughout the world. The reason for Jams World®'s success is passion. We are passionate about our product. Jams World® has truly become one of the beach & resort apparel industry's True Leaders.

Jams World® Clothing is expressive and artistic, well-loved for its color and comfort. New prints are featured each season and quickly evolve into classics for the collector. Men's shirts, women's dresses, skirts, tops, and accessories complete our collections. Ideal for resort wear, beach attire and travel clothing; wear them for leisure, lounging and just plain fun. Proudly based in the state of Hawaii, the Jams World® styles and prints often demonstrate its island roots. Classic florals and vivid color combinations bring an appealing twist to traditional aloha attire. Always bright, always bold, always the best prints around!