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It is our view that testimonial pages are only as good as the integrity of the business owner, staff and site administrator with whom you are conducting business. We could fill this page with honest, wonderful comments from friends all over the world. We do receive plenty of them. However, would you necessarily believe it or be more inspired to place an order with us? We think not.

There are however feedback systems for which we have no control of content other than supplying great products and great service.

We are an affiliate merchant on a number of different sites, all of which have extremely high standards in order to maintain standing.

We have been associated with for over 11 years. They maintain a feedback system encouraging their customers to rate the overall shopping experience. Click on the link below to visit the / Aloha Shirt Shop seller feedback page(s).

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Additionally Google maintains seller feedback for transactions utilizing Google checkout. You will need to login to your Google checkout account to view these.

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