2022 Christmas Gift Ideas

2022 Christmas Gift Ideas

This Christmas, share the Aloha spirit with friends and family by giving them a wearable piece of Hawaii. With so many prints to choose from, we know it can be pretty hard to find the right shirt. To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of Aloha shirts that we think would make great Christmas presents for that lucky person in your life. And done forget to use coupon code MAHALO to get 15% off your order of $100 or more through November 2022.


A Star Wars Sithmas - Even the Dark Side feels like celebrating from time to time. This awesome shirt from Reyn Spooner makes a perfect give for the collector or fan of the Star Wars universe.

A Star Wars Sithmas Christmas Shirt

Star Wars - The Aloha Spirit is strong with those who give this awesome Star Wars shirt from Reyn Spooner. If you're not a Star Wars fan yourself, chances are you know someone who is. 

Gift Idea - Reyn Spooner Star Wars Aloha Shirt

Mandalorian - If the Star Wars fan in your life already has a Star Wars aloha shirt, then this next shirt may be the next great addition to his closet. 

Reyn Spooner The Mandalorian Hawaiian Shirt

Jungle Bird (Magnum PI) Shirt - Fans of the original Magnum PI show will instantly recognize this iconic shirt that Tom Selleck wore on the show and in the opening credits. One of the cool things about this shirt is that it comes in both 100% rayon and 100% cotton

Jungle Bird (aka Magnum PI) Hawaiian Shirt in Red

Star Orchid Black - This Star Orchid shirt from Paradise Found is a great addition to anyone's wardrobe. This black Aloha shirt is easy to wear with just about anything blue jeans to shorts. This shirt is also available in a striking navy

Star Orchid Black Aloha Shirt by Paradise Found

Vintage Air Power - This cool shirt by RJ Clancey features vintage military airplanes from WWII flying with palm trees and beaches in the background. 

Vintage Air Power by RJ Clancey

Hammerin' - Is it safe to go back in the water? Not if the water in front of you looks like this shirt. If you know someone who sets his/her schedule around Shark Week, it's a pretty good bet they'll be fascinated with this hammerhead shark shirt. 

Hammerin' Hawaiian Shirt by Rum Reggae

California Lobster - Maybe rather than a shirt featuring creatures that can eat you, you'd rather get a shirt that has creatures that YOU can eat. This California Lobster shirt is a guaranteed conversation starter for anyone who wears it to Red Lobster or some other lobster joint. 

California Lobster by Rum Reggae

Sushi - Someone in your life loves sushi. It's almost a sure thing. And what better gift for a sushi fanatic than a sushi Aloha shirt? 

Sushi Aloha Shirt by Pacific Legend

Opuhi - This classic shirt from Reyn Spooner makes a great gift because it is reserved enough to wear to the office yet tropical enough to be worn to an outdoor weekend party. This shirt comes in this handsome Poseidon blue and black

Opuhi Aloha Shirt from Reyn Spooner

Maui Gold - When people look at a pineapple, thoughts of Hawaii inevitably pop into their head. When you bite into a perfectly cut piece of ripe juicy Hawaiian pineapple for the first time, it just might change the way you think of pineapple. For people who live pineapple, this is a wonderful shirt. This shirt comes in navy and white.

Maui Gold Aloha Shirt by Waimea Casuals



Ladies Jungle Bird Shirt - Why should he have all the fun? The popular red Magnum PI print is also available in this ladies camp shirt which comes in red and black.

Ladies Jungle Bird Shirt

Ladies Ohia Black - This classy tone-on-tone black camp shirt has subtle ohia flowers on a black background. This print also comes navy and sage

Ladies Ohia Shirt (black)

Ladies Bamboo Paradise Dress - Capture elements of both Asia and the Pacific in this mid-length tank dress with colorful bird of paradise flowers over a subtle tone-on-tone bamboo on a navy background. 

Ladies Bamboo Paradise Tank Dress in Navy

Ladies White Ginger - For those who aren't afraid of a little bold aloha style, this new White Ginger ladies shirt features white ginger flowers on a deep rich red background. This lovely top also comes in jade, peri, and khaki

Ladies White Ginger Red Shirt

Ladies Orchid Ginger - We love how the white orchid pop on the black background like flowers dancing in the moonlight on a full moon evening in the tropics. 

Ladies Orchid Ginger Black Hawaiian Shirt