Where to Stay On Maui

Where to Stay On Maui

The best thing about Hawaii is that it isn’t just one, but eight large islands. What this means for you, if you’re a traveler, is that on a Hawaiian holiday, you get to pick your paradise. And if Maui is the island you decide to visit, you’ll be treated to a memorable vacation, filled with breathtaking sunrises and sunsets, pristine beaches, scenic drives, and perhaps even whale watching. So without furthur ado, let's answer the question, where to stay on Maui?

So where should you stay to make the most of the island? It all depends on what you want to do. Maui is divided into four primary regions (west, east, south, and north or upcountry Maui). Depending on what kind of vacation you’re looking for, each one has its upsides and downsides – here are a few things you might want to think about.

West Maui

West Maui is Maui’s most popular region, and is nearly always bustling with activity. Some of the pros of staying here include:

  • There are several great options for upscale Maui condos, resorts and accommodation.
  • The climate is sunny and dry – perfect beach weather.
  • The landscape is spectacular: beaches on one side and the West Maui mountains on the other.

But even West Maui isn’t perfect. Here are a few things to be aware of:

  • It’s a great beach destination, which means it can be crowded
  • It’s beautiful, but it is further from a lot of the great sights elsewhere on Maui.

South Maui

Made up of Kihei (a beach town), Wailea (an upscale resort community), and Makena (a quieter region), here’s why South Maui can win your heart:

  • Often, the beaches are sunnier and less crowded than the beaches in West Maui and elsewhere.
  • Many places in South Maui are more accessible than other destinations.
  • South Maui has a great range of flexible accommodation options, including condos in Kihei and beachfront resorts in Wailea.

South Maui has a few downsides too:

  • It’s quieter, which may not be what you’re looking for by comparison with other places on the island.
  • Some of the resorts can prove to be expensive if you’re on a tight budget.

East Maui

You’ll get to East Maui via the spectacular Hana Highway, and if you decide to stay here, this is why you’ll love it.

  • The scenery is spectacular and wild – there are trails, stunning sea views, and hidden waterfalls to find
  • Many travelers say that East Maui gives a more simple and authentic Hawaiian experience, that goes beyond resorts and crowded beaches
  • East Maui has a unique combination of solitude and adventure, where a very special part of Hawaii’s nature shows through.

East Maui isn’t for everyone, because it’s remote and offers a smaller range of accommodation options, but if you’re the adventurous type, it could be perfect for you.

North Shore or Upcountry Maui

North Shore is where your Hawaiian experience comes alive. Head there if these sound like your thing:

  • Mountain-nestled accommodation, offering great views
  • Beaches and trails that are less crowded, but not as remote as East Maui
  • People-watching as the real community of Maui go about their everyday life

North Maui is one for the laid-back – it’s home to several great yoga retreats, but you might find that adventure and activity is lacking if you’re after some adrenaline.

Wherever you stay, you’ll find Maui a beautiful, surprising island, with hidden charms and a relaxed attitude that’s a million miles from the vibe of other destinations. We hope you have a great time here! Even it's time book flights!

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